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TockOS Development Hardware

Tock supports a growing number of hardware platforms.

We mostly use one of two development platforms—Hail and imix—designed as a common basis for Tock development. If you’re contributing to Tock, it would be useful (though not necessary) to have one of these. They have specific features that make Tock development easier: e.g. a common set of sensors, radios and the ability to measure power consumption easily. Both Hail and imix were designed at Universities for our own purposes, but we’re able to make them available with small-run productions funded with grad student rent money. This means they’re not as cheap as they could be. Sorry!


Hail is a Particle Photon sized development board for Tock. You can learn more on the introducing hail post, or buy one below.


Imix on a table

imix is a “kitchen sink” development board for Tock with a SAM4L MCU, two wireless radios, a hardware random number generator, and a sensor suite. See the GitHub page for more information.

imix will be available in the coming weeks. Sign up below to be notified by e-mail when it is available for purchase or contact Amit if you want one sooner.

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imix & Hail Comparison

  imix Hail
Microcontroller Sam4l Sam4l
‣ Accelerometer
‣ Temperature/Humidity
‣ Light
‣ Accelerometer
‣ 802.15.4  
Other Features    
‣ Buttons 1 user, 1 reset 1 user, 1 reset
‣ LEDs 3 1 blue, 1 RGB
‣ Hardware RNG  
‣ USB Host pins only
‣ Independent Power Domains  
Programming USB or JTAG USB or JTAG
Form Factor Custom, Arduino Headers Particle Photon
Size 2.45” x 4” 0.8” x 1.44”
Price $100 $60


NRF51 Development Kit

The Nordic nRF Development Kit is Nordic Semiconductor’s development board for the popular Blutooth Low Energy SoC, the NRF51. Both imix and Hail include this chip in addition to the SAM4L.